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What I don’t know about living could fill many books. I’d have to trick people into reading them with titles that made it sound like I knew what I was talking about.

  • How to Be the Perfect Wife in 31 Easy Lessons

  • How to Raise Marvelous Kids (They are, btw, marvelous, in spite of my mistakes.)

  • How to Overcome Arrogance

  • How to Live with Uncertainty

  • How to Survive and Thrive in Life's Nasty Little Situations

But there is one book I know I could write. Scratch that. There is one book He has been writing throughout my whole life. It doesn’t have an inviting title.

  • How to Cling to God No Matter What

Wandering through every day of my life is a river of hope…sometimes broad and quiet…sometimes narrow and raging…sometimes, admittedly, a tiny trickle in a deep, vast, dried-up riverbed…always there. The river sings:

  • God is good;

  • Knowing Him is more important than any other thing,

  • more than comfort,

  • more than attainments,

  • more than satisfaction;

  • The key to knowing Him is trust;

  • The key to trust is only really found in adversity.

For that quiet, loud, imperceptible river I am grateful.

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