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What's the Difference?


Counseling? Coaching? What's the difference?


Good Counselors...

...Help you identify the underlying reasons for your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


...Help you discover the tools for addressing those underlying causes, including,

     -Healing for your broken places - even those you may not yet know need healing;

    -Recovering from incidents you had no idea were affecting you

     -Understanding yourself, truly;

     -Respecting yourself; and

     -Reframing and/or restructuring your thinking.


...Help you use those tools in a safe place where you feel valued and respected.


...Help you improve your interpersonal relationships.


...Overcome internal obstacles that prevent you from getting where you want to go.


Good Life Coaches...

...Help you brainstorm and strategize, and set and achieve goals for wherever it is you want to go.

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