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You've made what is probably the most important decision of your life. You will be spending the rest of your life together.

Building a home together.

Building a family together.

Building a future together.

Building a life.


Your world is a whirlwind of wedding decisions. The perfect dress, the right venue, all the little details that have to be planned. It can be so easy to forget to plan for the most important part, what happens after you say I do. How will you get ready for this most important life long relationship?


Are there ways to protect our marriage now from divorce years down the road?


How will we handle all of life's stuff?
The good doesn't seem hard.
(But I know there will be a zillion daily decisions.)


Worse, what about the bad times?


What will happen when we have our first fights?


How do we keep from becoming bitter after arguing?


What do you do when what you’ve loved about your spouse starts to irritate you?
(I know, it seems impossible now.)


And what about the things ahead that we don’t know about yet?


Everyone thinks premarital counseling is about communication, decision making, and conflict resolution - or maybe it's just an item on your wedding planning checklist. But, the best premarital counseling assists couples in building strategies for life together before interruptions and challenges hit.


Life doesn’t stay a honeymoon, and the little things you do to prepare your relationship now can keep it from being derailed later.

"The best premarital helps couples build strategies for life together
before interruptions and challenges hit."
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