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No matter your situation, you will encounter obstacles. By far, most of them are in your head. Usually, our obstacles are self-defined blocks that come from our life experiences – confining thoughts and feelings that limit us.


Many times these obstacles take the form of questions.  

     "Am I ready?"  

     "Do I really want it?" 

     "Am I good enough?"  

     "What does God want?" 

     "How am I going to get from where I am to where I want to be?"


More often, they are disguised as our own thoughts.  

     "I couldn't do that."  

     "I'll never be able to accomplish it."  

     "I'm not _________ enough."


This does not need to be true! You can overcome those obstacles! Let’s work together – you and I – and get you confidently walking on your path.  


The help you will get is available at no charge. Cat Russell, MS, LPC, Christian Life Coach, is partially funded by people who love God - and love people - and want to help you get the leg-up you need to get where you're going. Many of them received the same kind of help you'll find here, and want to pass it on.


Leave a donation if you are able; if you are not, later on, when you are stronger, remember where you got help. And pass the new strength, confidence, and hope you received on to someone else.Looking forward to helping you!


Grace & Peace,


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