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Complex Traumatic Stress

Is Counseling or Coaching Right for Me?

No matter your situation, you will encounter obstacles. 

Usually, our obstacles are self-defined blocks that come from our life experiences –

confining thoughts and feelings that limit us.

Sometimes these obstacles present as:
serious issues in our
  behaviors, and
  feelings and thoughts.


Sometimes they are existential questions like: 

     "Am I ready?"  

     "Do I really want it?" 
     "What is the universe telling me?" 

     "What does God want?"

     "How am I going to get from where I am to where I want to be?"


More often, they are disguised as our own thoughts.  

     "I couldn't do that."  

     "I'll never be able to accomplish it."  

     "I'm not _________ enough."


You can overcome those obstacles!

     First! Counseling – to address the deep, underlying issues that drive your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

     Then! Life Coaching – for strategies and guidance for your journey.


Let’s work together – you and I – and get you confidently walking on your path.


Your first session is $30!

Cat Russell, MS, LPC

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